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How You Can Document Your Own Personal Barking Dog Ordeal Online, and Why You Should Take the Time to Do It

As the population expands, we are getting more and more people, jammed closer and closer together, into less and less space, with more and more dogs that are getting bigger and louder. The rapid increase in population, in combination with unenforceable "anti-barking" laws, has resulted in an epidemic of chronic barking. As a consequence, millions of people are no longer able to work, rest, sleep or relax in their own homes, because the barking of their neighbor's dogs now makes those things impossible.

People who have never personally suffered through the experience tend to wildly underestimate the degree of distress and the severity of the debilitation that comes from prolonged exposure to frequent barking. By telling your story on the Barking Dogs Forum, you will create a permanent public record of the ordeal to which you have been subjected. By describing your experience in that manner, you can help to educate the public, and sensitize others to the severity of this scourge.

The official government policy on barking dogs reflects a belief that extreme cases of barking abuse rarely occur, and that, when they do, there is no real harm done. Your horror story posted on the Forum will help to give the lie to the official line, and, thereby, hasten the day when chronic barking will come to be recognized as a profound detriment to the public health.

Therefore, if you have had the experience yourself, we hope that you will take the time to describe what it is like to live your daily life under a barrage of constant barking. If you will be good enough to do that, we will archive your story and make it permanently available online for all to see. That way, over the years, your words can serve as a continuous testimony of the need to reform the current system for dealing with barking dogs, which serves only to perpetuate the problem.

To that end, you might want to consider describing some of the following in your post, so that the uninitiated might better understand how it is that something as seemingly innocuous as a barking dog, can so thoroughly devastate a person's life.

  • How have you been affected by the barking of your neighbor's dog?
  • How has the noise changed your life and impacted your loved ones?
  • How you were greeted by the dog owner, and how you were treated by the authorities when you approached them to request that the problem be corrected?
Don't suffer your victimization in silence. On the Barking Dogs Forum, you can stand up and be counted. Please do so.

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This page is part of Section Twelve:
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