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How you can use the Noise Poster to Start Quieting the World Around You

This page will tell you how you can use the Symptoms and Side Effects of Noise poster to educate and influence your local authorities in order to change the way that they are addressing, or failing to address, the noise crisis in your town. If you are puzzled as to what, precisely, needs to change, and why, exactly, you should care, click here for an explanation.

Having set aside the discussion of what and why, then, we now focus our attention on the question of how you can use the noise poster to start the process of getting your town quieted down.

The Symptoms and Side Effects chart, which is also referred to here as a poster, can be printed out quite legibly as is, directly to a standard size sheet of paper. You should be able to just hit the print button on your machine and wait for the document to roll out a few seconds later.

Although the poster is copyrighted and we reserve the sole right to sell the document, we hereby grant permission and urge everyone concerned with the noise blight to print the chart out and deliver it to everyone in their local government who either is, or who should be concerned with noise being force-fed into the homes of the people in your jurisdiction. Those recipients should include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • The mayor or county administrator
  • All the members of the city council or the board of supervisors
  • The chief of police
  • Every police officer that you encounter
  • All prosecutors
  • All judges
  • The head of animal control
  • All the employees of the department of animal control
  • The head of the health departments: city, county, and state
  • All members of and everyone working for the zoning and planning commissions
  • All members of the news media with whom you are able to make contact

As a rule, any city hall or other place of governance will have some sort of mail receptacle set-up where you can leave documents to be picked up later by members of the city council, or whatever it is that they call the governing body in your town. If you drop copies of the poster off there, you can avoid the aggravation of having to deal with stamps and envelopes and all the hassle that goes with all of that. Just wait until the next time you will be in the downtown area and use that occasion to drop off some copies of the noise chart at city hall. If one of your elected representatives should happen to be there when you arrive, well, so much the better.

If you would like to invest a bit more time for a more certain result, you can telephone city hall or go online in advance to learn the names of your local office holders. That way, each chart that you deliver can be accompanied by a personalized letter. Please click here to access a sample letter upon which you can model your message to city hall. You might want to augment the sample letter by adding in a description of your own particular noise ordeal and/or calling for specific action to address the dangerous toxin that is being force-fed into your home.

While you are there, try to find out who at city hall has the power to authorize the formal public display of a document, and try to arrange to have the chart posted somewhere on one of the official city hall bulletin boards.

For that matter, in most cities, there is a public library somewhere near city hall. Why not stop there and see if you can talk the librarian into featuring the chart on one of the library's display boards? That could do much to alert thoughtful people in your area to the dangers of noise and the need for change. While you are at it, be sure to mention to the librarian that the Symptoms and Side Effects poster is also available from in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Supermarkets, business fronts, and public plazas are also great places to display the poster and, thereby, educate a broad cross-section of the general public. You might also want to make it a point to get the poster to anyone you know who is afflicted by noise force-fed into their home and, of course, the people who are making the noise are, perhaps, the ones who are the most in need of the information.

We highly recommend that you present people with color copies of the noise poster whenever possible, because experience has taught us that the recipients are much more likely to take the document seriously and study it at length when it is in color, than when it is presented in black and white.

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This page is part of the Noise Chart portion of Section Seven:
which is the Harm section of