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Links to Other Sites

The Bark Action Group
Bark Action is an Australian-based organization dedicated to developing strategies for dealing with the world-wide barking epidemic.

The Barking Dog Action Group
Based in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, the Barking Dog Action Group has been in action for six years lobbying politicians (Local, State and sometimes Federal) to enact realistic and enforceable animal control laws. They also endeavour to expose the problem as often as possible via the media. Although they have no website, they can be contacted by e-mail at:

Geordie Duckler, LLC - Attorney at Law
Mr. Duckler is an American attorney, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in handling animal related legal issues throughout the state. Also licensed to practice in California, Geordie has proven his ability to win substantial settlements for bark abuse clients who have the right case and the necessary resources.

The Home Invasion News
This hard hitting website focuses on all the various ways that the belligerent and the pathological find to force their way into the homes of others, including the act of force-feeding the noise of their barking dogs into the living quarters of their neighbors. It further provides tips, tactics, and strategies for home security and enjoyment.

Lighthouse Woods - Main Site
Lighthouse Woods is a no-holds-barred, call it like you see it and say what you really think, anti-noise site. In additon to providing information and links to other pro-quiet sites, the Lighthouse Woods webmaster calls on the sound-abused reader to rise up and join the cause of noise sufferage.

Lighthouse Woods - Barking Dogs
This branch of the Lighthouse Woods main website (see above) is dedicated to the amelioration of noise pollution generated by barking dogs and their irresponsible owners.
Meetup.comprovides a forum that will allow you to meet, communicate with, and get together with other people in your area who are also concerned about chronic noise.

Neighbors From Hell
This is a splendid site containing barking dog horror stories along with true tales of other hellish sorts of next door types. The Barking Dogs webmaster is convinced that, at one time or another, he personally has lived adjacent to almost everyone described on this site that is at once horrifying and tremendously entertaining.

New Animal Control.Org
This link will take you to our sister site, New Animal Control.Org, where we invite you to join the world-wide movement to replace our long-failed methods of dog management with an enlightened alternative.

Noise Free America
With chapters in many cities and states, Noise Free America is on the move against noise pollution as they conduct petition drives, testify before city councils, host community meetings, speak to community groups, and meet with police officials. They sound like a wonderful organization - most certainly worth taking a peek.

Not in My Backyard Rotorua
This website from Rotorua, New Zealand, focuses on remedies for those who feel besieged in their homes by abusive neighbors. It is well worth a visit to this site, created by our Kiwi cousins, to support their consciousness raising, and the struggle they are carrying on to promote human decency in the most beautiful part of the Pacific. seeks to stop noise abuse by addressing fifteen sources of chronic noise.

The World Health Organization's Guidelines for Community Noise
This page provides links to articles featuring WHO-generated information about noise and the science of noise management in the urban enviroment .

Additional WHO Websites on Noise
This page serves as an entry point to several excellent noise-related websites hosted by the World Health organization.

This page is part of Section Fifteen:
the Kitchen Sink section of