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The Barking Dog News Hall of Heroes


The B. D. Hall of Heroes was created to pay tribute to organizations as well as to individuals, who made a notable effort to stem the barking epidemic, and, thereby, enhance the quality of life for all of us.

Councilman in Malden, Massachusetts makes an Eloquent Case for a Quieter Environment, and a Law and an Agency to Bring it About
Summary: Craig Spadafora, a citywide councilor in Malden, Massachusetts, has written an eloquent treatise articulating the argument for taking vigorous action to ensure a quieter environment by reducing noise of all kinds. Including that from barking dogs.

Better yet, the councilor has moved beyond sentiment with a proposal for an effective new noise law and a new department with a full-time staff of trained professionals who will focus exclusively on making Maulden a quieter place to live.

Thank you councilor Spadafora. It is refreshing to see a public official who is ready to stand up and lead the way on this important issue.

Selectmen Take a Stand for Bark-Abused Citizens in Nahant, Massachusetts
Summary: Mark Cullinan, the town administrator for Nahant, Massachusetts, joined selectmen Robert Frary and Richard Lombard in voting to ban two extremely disruptive Golden Retrievers from the town limits.

Their ruling was overturned by the court, which is par for the course. But they did what they could, which is more than you can say for most politicians, who, as a rule, are afraid to stand up for the victims for fear of alienating the perpetrators. Well done, gentlemen.

This page is part of the Barking Dog News and