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News of Those Who Eventually Got Some Peace and Quiet


The B. D. Peace and Quiet News contains media accounts of people who, to judge by the story, finally succeeded in bringing their barking nightmare to an end. It should be noted, however, that chronic barking problems tend to be extremely resilient. Therefore, even though it appears that the problem is, or is about to be resolved, once and for all, experience indicates that one should not necessarily assume that the news articles in question truly marked the end of the ordeal.

Neighbor From Hell is Leaving - May be Moving in Next Door to You
Summary: A man living in a residential area in Norwich, Connecticut was keeping five Blue Tick Hounds, a breed notorious for their predisposition to howl in a long, loud, and astoundingly irritating manner. Push came to shove when one of the dogs gave birth to eight howling puppies, for a total of fifteen dogs that loved to vocalize as a group, housed in a kennel built close to a neighbor's bedroom window.

Some of the victimized neighbors logged the dog's vocal behavior and pressured the police to take action, which resulted in at least five citations for excessive barking and dogs running loose over a three month period. However, the noise has continued on unabated.

It appears that the abused neighbors may soon get some relief, however, because by law, Norwich residents are allowed to keep only so many adult dogs. Rather than part with the pups when they turn of age, the owner has decided to move to some place where the law will let him keep all the howling hounds he wants.

It could be that some of the folks over in the new neighborhood-to-be are resting or sleeping right now. I hope so, because they're going to have to give all that up when they meet the people who are about to move in next door.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Dog Owners Finally Show Mercy After Victim Destroys Their Car
Summary: A bark-abused Englishman appears to have succeeded in getting his neighbors to quiet their German Shepherd dogs by demolishing their automobile with a large piece of earth­moving equipment.

Ian Jessett of Stow Bedon had tried repeatedly to warn the dog owners that the unrelenting noise was driving him to his breaking point, but they remained unresponsive until he flattened their car with an overly­large industrial vehicle. warns bark-abuse victims not to become belligerent toward irresponsible dog owners, because hostility rarely results in the dogs being quieted. Plus, it makes it look like you are the bad guy and, of course, it is likely to get you into trouble, as it did Mr. Jessett. However, the dog owners have taken steps to ensure that the victim is no longer being disturbed. So in this case, it looks like it may have worked, at least temporarily.

Victims in Florida Achieve Relief through Court Settlement
Summary: A bark-abused couple in Coral Springs, Florida, may be about to get some peace and quiet after months of torment and contentious wrangling with their neighbor over his 160-pound barking dog.

Vowing to be a continuous irritant to the city, the victims deluged officials with emails of complaint. They went on to secure a legal settlement, mediated through the courts, that requires the dog owner to pay $1,200 in fines and fees and to quiet the dog except in emergency situations.

This page is part of the Barking Dog News and