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Three Burglaries in Jersey in Rapid Succession While Everyone Ignores Dog Who Sounds the Alarm

Main Street residents report three burglaries

East Brunswick Sentinel - New Jersey - Written by John Dunphy - December 2, 2004

SOUTH RIVER - Three reports of burglaries on Main Street were brought to police attention last week.

In the burglaries, which took place sometime during the early morning hours Friday, suspects sought to gain access through unlocked rear exterior doors to basements, referred to in police reports as Bilco doors. The three properties are within close proximity of each other.

In one instance, reported to police shortly after 9 a.m., the victim said a park-style bench blocking the doors had been removed in an attempt to gain entry. The victim in the police reports also recalled his dog barking excitedly at around 5 a.m.

In another report, called in at 5:26 a.m., the homeowner told police she had been awakened by the sound of a person falling down the basement stairs. In that case, her husband had attempted to make noises in order to scare the intruder away.

In the third instance, which was not called in until after 9 a.m., the victim stated someone had entered the unlocked basement doors between midnight and 8:45 a.m., although nothing had been taken from the basement, police said.

No items were stolen from any of the homes, according to reports.

Police searched the surrounding areas for the suspect with no results.

Police believe all three burglary attempts to be related and are advising residents to lock their doors, including their basement doors, at all times.

This page is part of the Calamitous News,
which is a component of the Barking Dog News and