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Angry Men with Clubs Attempt to Circumvent Police in New Zealand

Prize pig bludgeoned in violent Foxton disputes - New Zealand
Written by Kay Blundell - February 11, 2005

Neighbours attacking and threatening each other with weapons; prized stock bludgeoned to death - Foxton police are battling a spate of violence erupting from petty disputes.

Sergeant Marty Bull said police in Foxton and Shannon were fed up responding to minor disagreements that had escalated into heated exchanges involving weapons.

"There has been an outbreak since before Christmas of residents taking the law into their own hands over isolated incidents," Mr Bull said.

The latest incident happened on Wednesday when a row between two neighbours turned into a major altercation after a man allegedly rammed another man's car and threatened him first with an iron bar, then an axe.

A 34-year-old Foxton man will appear in Levin District Court next week charged with two counts of possession of an offensive weapon, dangerous driving and intentional damage.

On Tuesday night, a fiery exchange took place over a custody dispute, which resulted in a man threatening another man with a softball bat.

Last weekend a prize stud pig valued at $1000 was found bludgeoned to death in its pen. Police believed the act was a personal attack on a farmer. The pig was the last of his breeding line.

Shannon had also experienced outbreaks of neighbourhood acrimony. In early December, a barking dog sparked an eruption between neighbours. One neighbour marched on to the dog owner's property and assaulted an occupant. When police arrived at the scene the neighbour's father and others joined in, side-stepping police, and wielding iron bars and a bat. Four people are facing serious charges before the courts.

Mr Bull said police were taking a hard line with such attacks.

This page is part of Violence in the News,
which is a component of the Barking Dog News and