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The Violence in the News


Akron Man Kills Barking Dog by Slamming Him to the Ground
Police in Akron, Ohio have arrested a man who became so unglued by the serial barking of his father's Pomeranian that he reportedly killed the animal by slamming him repeatedly to the Ground.

Dog Dies, Kids Endangered after Owner Ignores Plight of Desperate Neighbor
A dog was poisoned in San Jose, California, after his owner ignored two anonymous notes warning that the animal would be killed if she failed to quiet him.

Enraged cop punches out drunk dog owner who assaulted him
Summary: Thinking that 2 a.m. was a little late for his neighbor's dog to be barking unchecked, Jeffrey Clark of South Kingston, Rhode Island shouted-out a request for a little quiet. He must have been surprised when, a moment later, accompanied by three friends, his very drunk neighbor, Bill, showed up and punched him with enough force to leave an "egg" swollen on the side of his head.

Bill must have been even more surprised, however, when Clark turned out to be an off-duty police officer who punched him back. And then, reportedly, went back out and punched him again later, after he had been taken into police custody. And then flagged down the departing patrol car so he could punch his drunken assailant a few more times before they took him to the hoosegow.

Angry Men with Clubs Attempt to Circumvent Police in New Zealand
Police arrived on the scene in Shannon, New Zealand to investigate the report of an assault on a dog owner by a neighbor who had, apparently, reached the limit of his tolerance for such abuse. The presence of law enforcement seemed to do little to quell passions, however, because, upon their arrival, several people armed with iron bars and a bat sidestepped the officers in an effort to get at and deliver further damage to the errant dog owner.

Howling Hound on the Hunt Slain Near Gainesville
Summary: A highly vocal coonhound, howling as it pursued its quarry through the Georgia backcountry, was shot to death by one of the landowners who, according to witnesses, found the barking to be intolerable.

Barking Dog Shot-Gunned in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Summary: In an incident short on details in the media coverage, an Albuquerque man, apparently having been pushed well beyond his threshold of barking tolerance, blasted his neighbor's barking dog with a shotgun.

Fed Up Bark Victim Flattens Neighbor's Car with Earth-Moving Equipment
Summary: A bark abuse victim in Stow Bedon, England took it for as long as he could. But when he couldn't take it anymore, he started up his industrial size earth-moving machine and flattened the dog owner's car. He later revealed that he would have knocked down their house as well, had they not come home at the precise moment that they did.

Labrador Retriever Dies of Heat Stroke After His Mouth is Taped Shut
Distressed because he was unable to sleep due to the barking of his brother's dog, a Dallas man duct taped the animal's mouth shut, which interfered with his ability to regulate his body temperature, causing him to suffer heat stroke under the searing sun of central Texas in July.

Victim Convicted by Legal System that Failed to Protect Him
Summary: The legal system in the U.K. was shown again to be as perverse as that of the U.S. when yet another neglected victim of barking abuse was imprisoned after being pushed beyond the breaking point.

The man's neighbor had ten untrained dogs that barked mercilessly, waking his baby and rendering his home unlivable. Provoked, sleep-deprived, and no longer able to endure the unendurable, he tried to resolve the problem through the legal system, which turned a deaf ear and ignored his plight.

When, in desperation, he began making threats, the authorities who had refused to stop the abuse by cracking-down on the perpetrators, arrested the victim and sentenced him to six months in prison.

Poisoned Dogs Pay Price in Maryland - Frantic Victim Convicted - Instigating Perp Escapes Unscathed
Summary: After eight years of being tormented by a neighbor keeping two relentlessly barking dogs, a man in Hagerstown, Maryland did the unthinkable when, in a noise-induced frenzy, he poisoned the animals with antifreeze-laced meat.

Gun-Wielding Neighbor Attacks Family of Barking Dog in Chesapeake, Virginia
Summary: After months of trying unsuccessfully to get the family next door to quiet their dog, a victimized neighbor in Chesapeake finally went off the deep end and shot to death two members of the offending family before seriously wounding a third.

Dog Owner in Ault, Colorado, Shot and Killed in Clash Over Barking Dog, Shooter Goes Free
Summary: Subjected to one bark too many, a much distressed Colorado man shot his neighbor's barking dog with a pellet gun. When the irate dog owner responded by going to the shooters home in an agitated state, with a weapon-like piece of lumber in his hand, the barking victim shot him through the glass front door with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The shooter escaped prosecution due to Colorado's Make My Day law.

New Jersey Man Beats His Neighbor's Dog with a Shovel
Summary: In a bizarre attempt to quiet his neighbor's dog, an apparently deranged New Jersey man is alleged to have abducted the animal and tied and bound him with duct tape before beating the dog with a shovel.

SWAT Shoot-out, Standoff Leave Barking Abuse Victim Dead in Fullerton, California
Summary: Apparently, desperate to sleep, and with the authorities unwilling to do anything to force his neighbor to quiet her noisy dog as it barked on at 3 a.m., the barking abuse victim threatened to shoot the dog owner, who then called police.

When the police arrived, the man retreated into his home. There followed a standoff, a shoot-out and a siege that ended when the bark-abused man was found dead in his home from a bullet wound.

Shots Fired Over a Barking Dog Lead to a SWAT Standoff in Fresno, California
Summary: When his neighbor failed to quiet her dog as it barked on at one a.m., an agitated Fresno man responded by stepping outside and firing several rounds from his shotgun at nothing in particular.

The shooter fled back into his home when the police arrived, and a standoff ensued that continued until six a.m., when the police took the victim into custody without further incident.

Englishman Murdered After Telling Neighbor He'd Have to Learn to Live with It
Summary: Four days of continuous howling proved to be too much for a nearby neighbor in Waterlooville, who murdered the owner of the offending puppy with a crowbar after the man made the mistake of telling the distraught barking victim that he'd just have to learn to tolerate that which he found intolerable.

New Mexico Man Shoots His Own Dogs Because They Will Not Stop Barking
Summary: Enraged that his dogs would not stop barking, a New Mexico man shot the two tied canines to death as his three young children looked on.

The man escaped from police as he was about to be taken into custody on charges of animal cruelty.

Arizona Man Flees After Shooting Neighbor to Death Over Barking Dog
Summary: An Arizona man shot his neighbor dead in the heat of an argument over a barking dog, then escaped before police arrived.

Chula Vista, California, Man Shoots Three to Death Over Barking Dog
Summary: In the heat of a barking dog battle, a man of questionable sanity shot and killed three of his neighbors in the Chula Vista trailer park where they lived.

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